A post relating to the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation (IHRC)

  • My ride on the (Indiana) Hi-Rail (Part 2)

    My ride on the (Indiana) Hi-Rail (Part 2)

    Last time, I described my first few weeks of employment with the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation (IHRC), and my initiation at Connersville, Indiana. I had been hired to work in the railroad’s Defiance, Ohio office, but a delay in completing the […]

  • My ride on the (Indiana) Hi-Rail (Part 1)

    My ride on the (Indiana) Hi-Rail (Part 1)

      Our professional working lives on the railroad all have their starting points. Mine was in Connersville, Indiana. Having graduated from the University of Michigan in May 1989, I continued to work at the  university hospital, where I’d been working […]

  • Lettering IHRC 365

    Lettering the IHRC 365

    I started working for the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation on October 1, 1989. I was hired to manage the agency office at Defiance, Ohio, but due to a delay in the transfer of the line from Norfolk Southern to IHRC, I […]

  • IHRC 373 at Rochester, IN

    Setting the scene—Part 3

    Graduation from the University of Michigan in 1989 meant it was time to look for a proper job. I sent resumes to over 100 railroad companies, and one of the most interesting replies came from the Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation, an […]


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