• Vision in blue

    Vision in blue

    The Lenawee County Railroad Company’s newest locomotive, an Alco S2 recently acquired from the George Silcott Company in Worthington, Ohio, glints in the morning sun at Adrian, Michigan on 09 October 1978. The LCRC had started operations in autumn 1977 […]

  • Switchers and more in Springfield

    Switchers and more in Springfield

    On Sunday, 26 April 1992, I found myself in Springfield, Illinois on my day off from the railroad in Iowa. I couldn’t miss visiting the shops of the “hometown” railroad in Springfield, the Chicago & Illinois Midland. Nothing was moving […]

  • Photo day—Sunny day at Staib

    Photo day—Sunny day at Staib

    Conrail GP-7 #5903 heads a southbound train approaching Staib Road, between Clinton and Tecumseh, Michigan, on 27 February 1982. Behind the locomotive are two empty flatcars from Pallox, Inc. in Clinton and a caboose. This was one of the last […]

  • Photo day—More BR from the 80s

    Photo day—More BR from the 80s

    Last week’s post, Riding Through the Leicester Gap, presented some photos from my 1983 trip to England. Here are a few remaining photos from that roll of film, taken at a different location. Milton Keynes Central is located on the […]

  • Photo day—Tecumseh twilight

    Photo day—Tecumseh twilight

    As the last rays of the late December afternoon sun fall on Tecumseh, Michigan, Conrail’s “Clinton Local”, has just crossed M-50 and is moving south alongside S. Evans Street. Tecumseh’s fire station is momentarily blocked as the train passes. Edward […]

  • Riding through the "Leicester Gap"

    Riding through the “Leicester Gap”

    I graduated from high school in 1983, and as a graduation present from my parents I received a plane ticket from the USA to the UK together with a Britrail Pass. I flew over in July of that year and […]

  • Photo day—Spring day on the Clinton Branch

    Photo day—Spring day on the Clinton Branch

    On a May afternoon 43 years ago, Edward Hodges captured Conrail’s southbound Clinton Local as it headed for Lenawee Junction, Michigan. The location for this May 1977 photo is just north of the Staib Road crossing between Clinton and Tecumseh. […]

  • Lamplighting at Czersk

    Lamplighting at Czersk

    Czersk is a small town located in the north of Poland in the Pomeranian Province. The town lies on the east-west “Ostbahn”, the “East Railway” which was once an important German main line from Berlin to Königsberg, now the city […]

  • Splitting the switch at Riga

    Splitting the switch at Riga

    Following Conrail’s embargo of the Clinton Secondary Track between Lenawee Junction and Clinton, Mich. in early 1982, Conrail continued to operate a local from time to time from Toledo to Lenawee Junction to interchange with the Lenawee County Railroad. The […]


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