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  • Photo day—Conrail Caboose Hop

    Photo day—Conrail Caboose Hop

    Conrail GP-8 #5457 and caboose #19865 cross Chicago Blvd. (M-50) in downtown Tecumseh, Michigan on 08 October 1980. Edward Hodges photographed this “caboose hop” (a locomotive and caboose running without any freight cars). The Budd Company at Clinton had stopped […]

  • Photo day—Southbound Local

    Photo day—Southbound Local

    On an early spring day in April 1979, Edward Hodges captured Conrail’s “Clinton Local” southbound at milepost 31, a few miles north of Tecumseh, Michigan. The tired old ex-New York Central GP-7 is pulling a string of boxcars loaded with […]

  • Jackson then and now

    Jackson then and now

    by Douglas N. Leffler February 28, 2024 The weather was so mild tonight, I decided to go down to the Jackson depot and shoot a few images of westbound Amtrak 355. I used the iPhone on a tripod for the […]

  • Photo day—Passing the paperwork

    Photo day—Passing the paperwork

    The Keokuk Junction Railway’s LaHarpe Turn is arriving in Keokuk, Iowa on 09 February 1992. Conductor Steve Pratt passes the train’s paperwork to clerk Mike Mealey at the Main St. crossing. The train is coming off the Mississippi River bridge […]

  • Photo day—Spring Local

    Photo day—Spring Local

    There were only traces of snow on the ground on 12 April 1977 when Ed Hodges photographed Conrail’s Clinton Local switching behind the Budd Company plant on the south side of Clinton, Michigan. Conrail has already existed for over one […]

  • Photo day—Grass Lake blue

    Photo day—Grass Lake blue

    A Conrail auto parts train was heading westbound at Mt. Hope Road near Grass Lake, MI when Edward Hodges captured it on 25 March 1981. The location, milepost 64.3 (from Detroit), was the location of a dragging equipment detector. There […]

  • Photo day—Tecumseh layover

    Photo day—Tecumseh layover

    On a hot summer afternoon in 1988, the Southern Michigan Railroad Society’s train has arrived in downtown Tecumseh. Passengers have gotten off to walk about the town, and there will be a small break before the train starts its return […]

  • Photo day—Flash of Red

    Photo day—Flash of Red

      Norfolk & Western caboose #555004 was photographed by Edward Hodges at track speed on an eastbound freight headed for Detroit, Michigan on 05 March 1977. The exact location is not noted, but is thought to be east of Adrian, […]

  • Clinton Crossing

    Clinton Crossing

    The Southern Michigan Railroad Society signed the contract to purchase Conrail’s Clinton Branch between Lenawee Junction and Clinton, Michigan in 1985. At this time there were no full-size trains on the line, and operations were handled using railroad motor cars. […]

  • Photo day—At the interchange

    Photo day—At the interchange

    On a snowy day in January 1982, Lenawee County Railroad Alco S-2 #1 “Addison J. Comstock” waits near the Norfolk & Western Railway diamond in Adrian, Michigan. The crew is having a conversation on the ground as they await a […]


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