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  • Switching at the Junction

    Switching at the Junction

    Looking like a scene from the 1960s, this photograph was taken at Lenawee Junction, Michigan on the Lenawee County Railroad on 03 November 1986. The LCRC is switching equipment of the Southern Michigan Railroad following a weekend display in Blissfield […]

  • Photo day—Nasby winter blue

    Photo day—Nasby winter blue

    Conrail SD50 #6706 sits on the head of an eastbound train, waiting for a new crew in the siding just west of Nasby Tower in Toledo, Ohio on 03 February 1985. Delivered November 1983, #6706 is still one of the […]

  • Photo day—By Stanley Tower

    Photo day—By Stanley Tower

    Stanley Tower, located at the north end of Conrail’s Stanley Yard near Toledo, Ohio, was an important junction. In the 1980s, Conrail trains departing the yard could here access the Toledo Branch, the former Toledo & Ohio Central line to […]

  • November morning in Clinton

    November morning in Clinton

    On the morning of 03 November 1987, the Southern Michigan Railroad’s (SMRS) Plymouth switcher #57 is warming up in front of the group’s headquarters/museum building in Clinton, Michigan. Lettered for the long-defunct Ohio & Morenci Railroad, #57 was SMR’s only […]

  • Photo day—Toledo-bound at Berea

    Photo day—Toledo-bound at Berea

    Conrail SD50 #6724 is on the point of a westbound merchandise train as it sweeps around the curve at Berea, Ohio heading for Toledo on 12 February 1984. The operator at Berea Tower, visible behind the signals, will be keeping […]

  • Photo day—Shades of red at Carleton

    Photo day—Shades of red at Carleton

    A classic Santa Fe boxcar is ahead of Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad caboose #103 as a DT&I freight rolls northbound on 02 November 1981. Ed Hodges photographed the train at the Exeter Road crossing west of Carleton, Michigan. The […]

  • Photo day—Arco Turn at Ft. Madison

    Photo day—Arco Turn at Ft. Madison

    Burlington Northern GP39-E #2751 was captured leading the southbound “Arco Turn” along the riverfront in Ft. Madison, Iowa on 22 August 1990. The Arco Turn was a local based out of Quincy, Illinois. Mornings it would head north for Burlington, […]

  • Photo day—track speed through Nappanee

    Photo day—track speed through Nappanee

    It’s a warm summer afternoon as B&O #6058 and CSXT #8253 hustle a westbound merchandise train past the depot at Nappanee, Indiana on the former-Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Pittsburgh-Chicago line on 09 August 1990. B&O #6085 is a GP40-2, built […]

  • Autumn afternoon at the Junction (1980)

    Autumn afternoon at the Junction (1980)

    The smell of burning leaves is surely in the air on the sunny afternoon of 22 October 1980 as Conrail’s southbound Clinton Local trundles through Tecumseh, Michigan. The locomotive’s bell will be ringing, as it did all the way through […]

  • Photo day—Snowy Alexis, January 1982

    Photo day—Snowy Alexis, January 1982

    On a bleak weekend day in January 1982, Conrail GP-15-1 #1682 leads a southbound train of empty coal hoppers across the Chessie System (C&O) diamond at Alexis Tower in Toledo, Ohio. I had just received my first 35mm camera for […]


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