Conrail 5457 at Tecumseh

The leaves on the trees were turning and the afternoon shadows getting long when Edward Hodges captured Conrail’s Clinton Local arriving in Tecumseh, Michigan on 22 October 1980.

The Local, running southbound from Clinton to Lenawee Junction, is approaching the Brown Street crossing, the first on the north side of Tecumseh. The rusty signs to the left once announced the beginning of yard limits for Tecumseh, and also the at-grade crossing of the DT&M spur in one mile (“R.R. Crossing—One Mile”), at Tecumseh Junction.

Today’s train is led by the regularly-assigned GP-8, #5457, and the end is tailed by NE-6 class caboose #19865. Two boxcar loads of disc brake parts from the Budd Company plant in Clinton are providing today’s revenue.

At this location the locomotive’s bell would be activated, and would remain ringing all the way through the town down to the South Yard. Local residents could certainly hear the train coming from afar!



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