Conrail’s Clinton local waits out the weekend, tied down on the Budd Company siding at Clinton, Michigan, on Saturday, 21 January 1981. Photographer Edward Hodges hiked out to the location to photograph the train, as operations on the Clinton line neared their end.

The train, which had arrived from Toledo the evening before, carries just one load of freight—a bulkhead flat car of lumber for Clinton’s Pallox, Inc., a company which built wood freight pallets. Pallox will have to wait for Monday to get their lumber, as no crew will be showing up this weekend.

In front of the engine, the derail protecting the entrance to the Budd factory still has an old-style switch lantern, albeit electrically powered.

The train is served by Conrail GP-8 #5457 and caboose #19865, both regular visitors to this line.


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