Winter snow was still apparent on the ground as Lenawee County Railroad Company #2 “George Crane” blocked Logan Street in Adrian, MI on 08 April 1982. The crew is switching the Hoover/Stubnitz facility (originally Stubnitz Spring, later merged with Hoover but locally still known as “Stubbies”).

It had been a rough winter for the LCRC, with heavy snow and ice being encountered from December onward. The railroad’s other locomotive, #1, had frozen up while trapped in blizzard snowdrifts near Weston earlier in the year and received a cracked block. The railroad was down to one locomotive, and it would be autumn before RS-1 #3 would arrive.

Alco S2 #2 would continue to serve the LCRC until the railroad closed down in September 1990. It was scrapped at Blissfield, MI a short time later.




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