On Sunday, 26 April 1992, I found myself in Springfield, Illinois on my day off from the railroad in Iowa. I couldn’t miss visiting the shops of the “hometown” railroad in Springfield, the Chicago & Illinois Midland. Nothing was moving on this day, but some out-of-service switchers and an SD-9 were outside to be photographed.

The C&IM survived until 1996, when it joined the Genesee & Wyoming railroad family, and was renamed as the Illinois and Midland Railroad.

C&IM 22

C&IM is an SW1200 built in November 1955. The unit was still in existence as late as 2015, at Channelview, Texas (reporting mark MVK 108).

C&IM #20

C&IM SW1200 #20 was built in October 1955. It was still in service as late as 2012 at Baton Rouge, LA (reporting marks DJRX—David J. Joseph Transportation, Inc.)

C&IM 20, 21 and 22

C&IM 20, 21, and 22 sit in numerical order at Springfield, IL.

C&IM 21

SW1200 #21 was built for the C&IM in November 1955. It apparently remained with the C&IM until at least 2012, and was later sold to DJRX (David J. Joseph Transportation) and then to PPG Industries as #1202.

C&IM 50

Today’s non-switcher if C&IM SD9 #50, built in November 1955. This unit was scrapped in 2003.




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