CR 9300 on the Toledo Terminal

CR 9300 on lease to the Toledo Terminal at Toledo, Ohio on 11 March 1983. (Jeffrey Dobek photo)

EMD NW-2 #9300 arrives at the Toledo Terminal engine facility at Hoffman Road in Toledo, Ohio on 11 March 1983, towing Toledo Terminal caboose #93.

The unit was built in May 1949 and delivered to the Detroit Terminal Railroad as their #115. Used in Detroit, the vintage switcher remained with the DTRR until the road was acquired by Conrail in 1980. In 1981, the DTRR’s operations was merged into Conrail, and the locomotives were renumbered into the Conrail roster, the DTRR logo being painted out and “CR” initials applied to the hood.

At the same time in the early 1980s, the Toledo Terminal Railroad’s Alco switchers were pretty well worn out. Needing serviceable power, the TTRR leased #9300 from Conrail in 1982 for use in the Toledo area. Arriving with “CR” initials on the side, these were painted out and a TTRR “diamond” logo was stuck on the cab side under the number. (It can be seen in this photo.) Apparently this didn’t go over well with Conrail as the unit’s owner, and the logo was quickly scraped off (with the shape remaining visible). Thus, for the rest of its service time on the TT, the unit was “anonymous”.

Number 9300 served in Toledo until at least mid-1983, but when the TTRR was absorbed by CSX is 1984, the unit was returned to Conrail. By mid-1984, the unit could be found in Conrail’s dead line in Altoona, Pennsylvania and was presumably scrapped. (It can be seen in this photo.)



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