No, this was not a tour by the German ICE train, but rather a trip made by members of the Southern Michigan Railroad on an icy day in January 1988. Starting from Clinton, a group of members set out with locomotive O&M #57 and Penn Central caboose #19882. The stove in the caboose had a roaring fire to keep everyone warm, while the crew members in the locomotive had to maintain heat with layers of clothing and a thermos of coffee!

At the River Raisin bridge north of Tecumseh, there was a pause for the photo session below…

SMRS train in winter

The blog author slowly eases the train over the River Raisin trestle. The white boards surround an area where there had been a fire on the bridge, and repairs were made.

SMRS train in winter

The SMRS train on the River Raisin bridge; the locomotive flies white flags as it is an “extra” train (not in the timetable), while the caboose has red flags to project the rear of the train.

Photos from the author’s collection


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