On a trip back to midwest I passed through Deshler, Ohio on the afternoon of 03 September 1994. This was always a good time of day for some rail action, and this day didn’t disappoint. Below are a few shots taken in the short time I had there.

CSXT 6045

Doing some switching was CSXT 6045, formerly B&O 4145 (GP40-2). The unit still wears the classic Chessie System paint scheme.

CSXT 8369

A train appears from the east, led by CSXT SD40-2 #8369 (built as C&O 7510, an SD-40, and rebuilt by VMV). This train will take the curve and head south.

CSXT 8369

CSXT 8369 leads its train into the curve at Deshler.

CSXT 5506

The trailing unit is CSXT 5506, a B30-7 built for the SCL as their #5506.


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