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  • Photo day—Terminal to Terminal

    Photo day—Terminal to Terminal

    EMD NW-2 #9300 arrives at the Toledo Terminal engine facility at Hoffman Road in Toledo, Ohio on 11 March 1983, towing Toledo Terminal caboose #93. The unit was built in May 1949 and delivered to the Detroit Terminal Railroad as their […]

  • Clinton Yard—then and now

    Clinton Yard—then and now

    Since the early 1960s, when the section north to Manchester and Jackson was removed, Clinton, Michigan has served as the terminus of the Jackson (later Clinton) Branch of the New York Central, Penn Central and Conrail. In the 1980s, the […]

  • Conrail's bad day at Riga

    Conrail’s bad day at Riga

    As I crossed Conrail’s Clinton Secondary Track at Blissfield, Mich. on the way home from Toledo on 30 December 1982, I noticed a train on the track in the distance off to the southeast. As Conrail trains were already a rarity […]

  • Tecumseh's last freight train—35 years on

    Tecumseh’s last freight train—35 years on

    Before March ends, I thought it worth noting that March this year marks 35 years since the last freight train passed through Tecumseh, ending 145 years of continuous freight service on the Clinton Branch between Lenawee Junction and Tecumseh. It […]

  • The Artrain comes to Tecumseh

    The Artrain comes to Tecumseh

    The Michigan Artrain was founded in 1971, as a project to take art to the many small towns in Michigan where there was a railroad, but not an art museum. Over the next several years it toured the state, but later […]

  • Conrail camp car finale

    Conrail camp car finale

    Into the 1970s, camp cars were a railroad tradition. Often converted from old heavyweight passenger cars from the 1920s or 30s, camp cars were used by the railroad maintenance-of-way department for housing track crews (or “gangs”) which moved around the […]

  • Photo day—Old and new at Air Line Yard

    Photo day—Old and new at Air Line Yard

    By 1982, Conrail “patch” units were becoming a rare species. Conrail was finally on top of their motive power woes, and new units coming online meant there was time for attention, including a paint job, for older units. Still, at […]

  • CR 5457 and the Clinton Branch

    CR 5457 and the Clinton Branch

    Throughout the first half of the 1970s, standard motive power on the Clinton Branch was a black EMD SW-7/8/9 switcher, leading the Clinton Local down and back the 13.5 miles between Clinton and Lenawee Junction, Michigan. With the arrival of Conrail in […]

  • Final freight in Clinton

    Final freight in Clinton

    Conrail’s days as the operator of the Clinton Branch from Lenawee Junction to Clinton, Michigan were coming to a close at the beginning of 1982. The company had already applied to abandon the line, and the only active shippers remaining […]

  • Tecumseh southbound

    Tecumseh southbound

    It appears to be a warm day on 13 June 1980, when photographer David J. Mrozek caught the Conrail “Clinton Local” just after leaving Tecumseh. At this time the “Local” would leave Clinton mid-afternoon each day, traveling through Tecumseh and […]


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