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  • On the Gdańsk Narrow-Gauge Railway (GKD)—Part 1

    On the Gdańsk Narrow-Gauge Railway (GKD)—Part 1

    On my first trip to Poland as a railfan, I was very much in the dark. There was no public internet in 1990, and information about interesting operations was almost impossible to find abroad. On 17 September 1990, while riding […]

  • Photo day—TKt48 at Wolsztyn, Poland

    Photo day—TKt48 at Wolsztyn, Poland

    PKP (Polish State Railways) TKt-48-143, a 2-8-2 locomotive, switches the yard in Wolsztyn, Poland on 14 September 1991. At this time, steam was still used on local freight trains serving the 4 lines out of Wolsztyn, as well as for switching […]

  • Photo day—Poznań, Poland (09.1993)

    Photo day—Poznań, Poland (09.1993)

    In the early 1990s, the railway station in Poznań, Poland was still a “steamy” place. Several regular-service, steam-hauled passenger trains operated daily from Poznań to the regional town of Wolsztyn. Steam locomotives on layover in Poznań would visit the local […]

  • Photo day—Tuchola, Poland

    Photo day—Tuchola, Poland

    PKP (Polish State Railways) SU45 locomotive #168 starts a Bydgoszcz-Chojnice local passenger train from the station in Tuchola, Poland on a sunny 23 September 1993. This was a typical Polish railway scene from the 70s until the early 2000s. Today, […]


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